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Meet the producer

"SAG" stands for "Gastronomic Artisanal Specialties" and it has been operating in the Piedmontese artisan gastronomy sector since 1984, when it was taken over by the current directors, Antonio and Silvio, who never stopped evolving to satisfy the different needs of their customers.

"SAG La Gastronomia" bases its production on three principles:

  • care: the company pays attention to every single detail in the artisanal and handmade production process
  • quality: only fresh and local raw materials are used, together with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • conviviality: the company products enrich and delight the tables of families and friends

Today, "SAG La Gastronomia" offers a wide range of ready meals to be stored in the fridge: meat, fish, vegetables and cheese-based products, either cold, warm or in oil, with different shelf-life and package sizes (from 250 gr to 2 kg).

Their catalogue comprise an assortment of over 150 references. Some examples: "Russian Salad", anchovies and tongue in green sauce, "Bagna Cauda" and a number of typical Piedmontese starters.


  • Deli
  • Processed vegetables
  • Sauces

When give their best

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The perfect match

Green sauce (or "Bagnetto Verde") is a traditional Piedmontese must, which "SAG La Gastronomia" faithfully interprets by combining it with "Tomini" fresh cheese, veal tongue and anchovies.

Other sauces such as "Capricciosa", artichoke and tuna salad, "Russian Salad" and tuna mousse are perfect as appetisers, garnishing "bruschetta" and sandwiches.


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