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Sports-scientific basic technology for multigenerational outdoor fitness parks
A German SME specialized in playgrounds and outdoor fitness parks and a German university have co-developed a sports-scientific technology for outdoor fitness equipment. It can be integrated in multigenerational outdoor fitness parks. It allows for simultaneous translational and rotational movements and multidimensional exercises due to a combination of rolling and tilting mechanisms. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.
Rif. TODE20180731001

Polish company is looking for ecological products from interior and exterior finishing materials sector to be distributed on the Polish market
A Polish trading company is looking for innovative and ecological products from the interior and exterior finishing materials (for example natural wallpapers/wall coverings) and construction materials sectors in order to distribute them on the Polish market. The company can act as a distributor or sales representative (agent) in Poland.
Rif. N. BRPL20191007001

EUROSTARS: A German SME is seeking partners with expertise in oncology, femto-second-laser technique, and medical software development to build a prototype of a patented laser-based cell disruption technology for the anti-tumour immune therapy
A German diagnostic SME has developed a patented laser-based cell disruption technology for the anti-tumour immune therapy. The technology allows the extraction of the intra-cellular anti-gene structure of the tumour cells, which is chemically unchanged and enables an efficient stimulation of the immune response and vaccination. A project proposal shall be drafted for the next cut-off in February 2020. At least one SME and further partners are sought for research cooperation agreements.
Rif. RDDE20191007001

Biomechanical muscular asymmetry measurement device for fitness
A Slovenian company has developed the first connected isometric muscular asymmetry measurement device for mass use in fitness. It measures peak torque and muscular asymmetry which is crucial for proper planning of performance training and rehabilitation to prevent injuries or speed up recovery. Partners from Italy are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.
Rif. TOSI20190614001

Development of new information transaction portal needed for international sports business service providers
A UK-based small but growing company, active in the provision of international business services in the area of global major sporting events, seeks support to develop and launch a revolutionary information transaction portal for such major events that will provide the Olympic and World Cup event organisers with the first-ever single interface to global suppliers, enabling the company and its supply partners to grow. A technical cooperation agreement is sought.
Rif. TRUK20191003001

A Spanish photography and video products distributor is looking for manufacturers of any kind of innovative digital, optical and audio-visual photographic products willing to reach distribution agreements
A Spanish, medium size company leader in the distribution of digital, optical and audio-visual photographic products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra with more than 60 years of experience in the sector is looking for innovative photography and video products and equipment to distribute to its clients portfolio: photography and video shops. Currently the company distributes products such as: Photography and video cameras, tripods, camera lens, flash lights, printers, memory cards, drones, batteries, camera stabilizers, accessories, etc.
Rif. N. BRES20191022001

German enterprise seeks partner from the machine tool industry (e.g.robotics) to co-develop machinery for automated disassembly and sorting in the recycling process
A German company and a research organization aim to develop an automatized pre-shredder recycling process for the automotive or machinery industry in order to secure nearly 100% closed loop recycling in particular with respect to rare and valuable materials. The process requires data driven automatized dismantling and sorting machinery. The consortium is looking for a manufacturer of machinery or an institute as research partner providing the technology of dismantling and sorting machinery.
Reference: TRDE20191001001

A Spanish medical products distributor is looking for European manufacturers of any kind of sanitary and medical instruments, equipment and disposable items willing to reach distribution agreements
A Spanish company, dedicated to the distribution of medical and sanitary products and equipment (especially traumatology instruments) is looking to incorporate medical instruments, equipment, disposable items and any other goods related to the sanitary sector. The company is looking for distribution agreements with mainly European manufacturers.
Rif. N.  BRES20191010001

UK SME offers a self-repairing industrial robot system which eliminates planned and unplanned downtimes for large scale manufacturers
A UK SME has developed a self-repairing industrial robot system using a patented novel method which eliminates planned and unplanned downtime and system failures. They now wish to engage with partners to further develop the innovation to a proof of concept and demonstration stage and also open to license agreements to companies wishing to adopt their invention.
Reference: TOUK20191017001

Austrian medical device manufacturer is looking for materials / methods / automated process for bonding of plastic parts
An Austrian company active in the diagnostic healthcare business wants to reduce production time of their products. This should be done by improving the bonding step of the plastic housing parts. They are looking for alternatives to currently used silicone, new methods and/or an automated process. Partners from industry or academia are sought under commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, technical cooperation or research cooperation.
Reference: TRAT20191018001

EIC-FTI-2018-2020: French multinational automotive tier-1 supplier seeks three potential partners in order to develop sensor cleaning solution for autonomous vehicle
A French automotive multinational company, number one tier-1 supplier in the world, is preparing a project proposal for the Fast Track to Innovation EIC-FTI-2018-2020 call. The company especially develops innovative sensor cleaning solutions. It seeks partners in electronics miniaturization, in plastronics, and in ball bearing friction optimization to join the consortium for this Call.
Reference:  RDFR20191015001

French company specialised in retail and services for machine-tools is looking for a 3-axis CNC (computer numerical control) machine manufacturer interested in developing sales in France
The French company distributes and integrates machine tools, robots, collaborative robots and handling systems for metallurgy, iron and steel industry, plastics industry, furnishing, automobile and aerospace industry. Given the increasing market demand, the French company is looking for a manufacturer of 3-axis CNC machine under sales agency agreement and services agreement.
Rif. N. BRFR20191001001

PDF/graphic file analysis tool sought for conversion to machine-readable format
A small Austrian engineering company seeks a solution, which can extract the elements of a given complexly structured document (primarily PDF but also other formats) and convert them into a machine-readable form. Elements include text, graphics, drawings, tables, headlines and info-boxes. Very high accuracy is needed (90-99% correct readings). The company seeks partners for licence agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance or research cooperation agreement.
Reference: TRAT20190926002

A Romanian trade company is willing to find new suppliers of sweets and coffee
A Romanian company, specialised in the distribution of packed food products in the retail market is looking for new suppliers in order to extend their portfolio, under distribution services agreements. The Romanian company was established in 1991 and they are one of the leading distributors of packed food products in Constanta county. They are interested in finding suppliers of premium chocolate products (chocolate bars, chocolate tablets, pralines, truffles, etc), biscuits, wafers and packed coffee (both ground and beans).
Rif. BRRO20191011001

[Eurostars2] Looking for partners for developing precursors for ALD (atomic layer deposition) process
A government-funded Korean research institute is preparing a project proposal under Eureka, Eurostars2 in 2020. The main goal of the joint research is to create high-performance thin layers using precursors for automobile and wearable device applications. To this end, the institute is looking for partners specialized in developing precursor material for ALD (Atomic layer deposition) process. Preferably a chemical or technological company or R&D institute are sought for research agreements.
RIF. RDKR20190909001

German company seeks medium capacity packaging line for ice cream under supplier agreement
A small German company producing ice cream is looking for a packaging line for small portions with a capacity of 1,000 portions per hour. Packaging lines available on the market usually have much higher capacities, but are uneconomical for the present application. The line should be fully developed to be adapted to the existing production environment within the framework of a supplier agreement.
Rif. N. BRDE20190916004

Spanish research center is seeking for an European university with experience on urban energy planning for knowledge exchange
Energy area of Spanish technology centre is seeking an European university with expertise on energy planning to exchange knowledge in the area. This exchange includes staff international mobility for a short period, desirably with a department of development and planning or urban planning and management. Partnership sought is a technical or research cooperation agreement for a knowledge transfer on Energy Planning and future collaboration on a Horizon 2020 Call. 
Rif. TRES20180302001

H2020-FNR-05-2020 (SCOPE B) – Spanish research institute seeks industrial partners (pig producers, producers of pork meat or pork products and partners working with mobile slaughterhouses) for a Horizon 2020 proposal
A Spanish research institute with experience in European projects is coordinating a project proposal under the call H2020-FNR-05-2020. The aim of the project is to find out the relationship between combinations of pig livestock farming systems, husbandry and processing with the intrinsic quality of the products and extrinsic quality of the production systems and answering the societal demands. They are looking for pig producers, producers of pork meat or pork products.
Rif. RDES20190912001

Dutch company that develops emotion-oriented care products for people suffering from dementia seeks technical cooperation agreement with non-profit partners
A Dutch SME has developed an easy to use, mobile, emotion-oriented care product for the dementia care market. The product provides clients with an audio-visual experience in their own familiar environment which enables them to relax and feel more comfortable. The SME is looking for a technical cooperation agreement with non-profit partners such as centres of expertise active in the field of dementia-care in order to improve the dementia-care in the targeted countries.
Rif. TRNL20190806001

Environmentally friendly packaging solution for concentrated soap detergent are sought
A SME from Northern Sweden specialized in manufacturing and selling soap detergent made of recycled vegetable cooking oil is looking for a supplier of environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging solution in EU. Package size 450 ml. The company are aiming for a long-term manufacturing agreement.
Rif. N. BRSE20190904001

Looking for a supplier of granite or prophyr cubes (paving stone) under supplier agreement
A Slovak construction company that deals with the sale and fitting of tiles, paving and natural stones is looking for the supplier of paving stone - the granite or prophyr cubes. The company expects to conclude a supplier agreement.
The Slovak company was established in 2005. The main focus of its activities is the sale of wall and floor tiles, mosaics, natural stones for fireplaces, bathrooms, swimming pools, stairs, etc.  Their second main focus is fitting and installations of tiles in all kinds of buildings, gardens, open spaces, etc. The clients can visit also their bathroom design studio
Rif. N. BRSK20190909001

LC-NMBP-31-2020: Spanish research institute seeks end-user partners and experts in the field of offshore wind energy generators and tidal power generators with specifics needs in materials
A Spanish technological centre is preparing a project proposal for NMBP-31-2020 related with the development and improvement of materials for offshore wind energy generation and tidal power generation including advances in materials and functional coatings aiming to reduce capital, running and maintenance costs. The sought partners should be companies operating offshore platforms or companies involved in the construction and production of materials for offshore wind and tidal energy generation.
Rif. RDES20190830001

Horizon 2020 SC1-BHC-24-2020: End-users sought for information and communication technology (ICT) tool for improving the treatment and quality of life of elderly people with multimorbid diseases
A multinational consortium piloted by a French university answers the SC1-BHC-24-2020 call by proposing an innovative ICT based device that gathers all experts (gerontologists, oncologists ...) interfering in the therapy of elderly patients suffering from a multimorbid disease. This tool shall permit to coordinate each action on each patient's disease case. The consortium is looking for potential end-users (acquainted with gerontology and multimorbidity) to test the tool under a R&D agreement.
Rif. RDFR20190905001

Leading Nordic distributor is looking for hair care, skin care, body care and paper products to introduce on the Nordic Market
A Swedish distributor with head office in Southern Sweden specializing in sales, distribution and marketing is looking for international brands within hair care, skin care, body care and paper products wishing to enter in to the Nordic market. The company is offering distribution and commercial agency agreements to widen their portfolio of above mentioned product range.
Rif. N. BRSE20190625001

A Chinese engineering machinery company is looking for an automatic control system for drilling jumbos
The control system of drill jumbo adopts a structure of upper and lower part. The upper part is designed to complete functions such as body positioning, task allocation, holes sequence planning, prediction of two-arm collision avoidance and interface operation. The lower part completes the acquisition and processing of sensor information, distribution of operating information, generation of action sequence and automatic positioning control.
Rif:  TRCN20180819001

A consumer goods manufacturer located in the Western part of Austria is seeking an automation separating system. The solution should move articles with different shapes into trays
The Austrian company is manufacturing consumer goods and is looking for industrial partners to implement an automatic separation system for solid articles. The spectrum of these articles contains different shapes and diameters in a range from 3mm to 14mm. The goods must be taken out of the containers and sorted into trays on the basis of data provided via an interface (location in container, specification, ...). Around 40.000 pick out moves are required per day. Looking for partners that have already developed such a solution or at least could offer a proof of concept of separating solutions for the required speciation's
Rif. TRAT20190401001

Polish R&D Institute is seeking project partners for MSCA-ITN-2020 Innovative Training Networks
Polish R&D Institute is seeking project partners with an expertise on rare earth materials and related fields for the development of a proposal. Polish entity is to be coordinator of the R&D project. The project aims to provide a broad overview of the current state of the art along with practical applications of physical phenomena in the rare-earths. Call ID: MSCA-ITN-2020 Innovative Training Networks.
Rif.    RDPL20190719001

A Portuguese company is looking for partners with innovative and energy efficient products for wastewater treatment projects in order to establish supplier agreements
A Portuguese SME, working mainly in the development of new project opportunities and its implementation in energy efficiency in wastewater treatment plants, is looking for new components and technologies to incorporate in its projects. The company seeks private companies to establish supplier agreements.
Rif. BRPT20190709001

Spanish research center is seeking for a research group with experience in small RNA regulation for knowledge exchange
A biotechnology research group of a Spanish technology centre is seeking for a European research group with experience in studies and regulation of microbial small RNA for knowledge exchange (techniques, tools, personnel) and future collaboration on a Horizon 2020 call under technical or research cooperation agreements.
Rif. TRES20190716002

H2020-LC-SC3-NZE-5-2019-2020: Cement factories are sought for the development of a CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) solution for the cement industry
A small Cyprus engineering company is looking for cement factories to participate in a Horizon 2020-Energy project proposal aiming at developing an integrated solution for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) for the cement industry. The cement factories will have critical role to the success of the project outcomes and impact by providing feedback during the development of the solution (for operational, safety and financial aspects) and the implementation of the project.
Rif. RDCY20190623001

A Japanese high-tech equipment distributor is seeking disruptive technology suppliers in the EU
A Japanese company specialised in high-end equipment, including semiconductor, heavy and automotive industries, is looking for EU suppliers of disruptive manufacturing equipment: automated electrolytic polishing system, laser processing tool and imaging ellipsometry. The Japanese company would directly purchase patented leading edge technology and would expect exclusive distribution rights for the Japanese market. The partnership would be concluded under a distribution services agreement.
Rif. N. BRJP20190624001

New software tools and products sought for database developers and administrators
A mid-sized East of England company enjoys growth internationally in the segment of tools for Microsoft data platform. They wish to grow the portfolio with immediately available tools and products but also more forward-looking technologies for further development. The type of cooperation will vary dependent on the stage of development and nature of the partner; excluding research cooperation but might include commercial, joint venture, license, and technical cooperation agreements.
Rif. TRUK20190718001

[EUREKA/EUROSTARS2] Partners sought for cooperation on battery recycling technology
A Korean SME has specialized in manufacturing switchboards and automatic control panels since established in 1990. The company is planning on improvement of battery and renewable energy by submitting a proposal of Eureka/Eurostars2. Under research cooperation agreement, partners should lead the field of battery and renewable energy to apply on power transmission and distribution systems. 
Rif. RDKR20190718001

Leading Nordic distributor is looking for hair care, skin care, body care and paper products to introduce on the Nordic Market.
A Swedish distributor with head office in Southern Sweden specializing in sales, distribution and marketing is looking for international brands within hair care, skin care, body care and paper products wishing to enter in to the Nordic market. The company is offering distribution and commercial agency agreements to widen their portfolio of above mentioned product range.
Rif. N. BRSE20190625001

Software and hardware partners sought for further development of a brain activity capture system to be integrated into a variety of applications
A Midlands based UK company specialising in neuroscience for the sport and fitness sector is seeking hardware developers to aid with the development of a brain activity sensor system which uses electroencephalography (EEG) to track brain signals during a variety of activities.  The company is also seeking software developers to develop an application which can take data from the hardware system and present it to a user/s mobile device. Technical cooperation agreements are envisaged.
ref. TRUK20190709001

European Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LLEA – i.e. Local Police) required for a H2020 project proposal aimed at empowering LLEA to fight against crime and terrorism.
A Spanish Public University is in need to complete a consortium with European Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LLEA – i.e. Local Police) for a H2020 project proposal aimed at empowering LLEA to fight against crime and terrorism. The proposal will be submitted to the following topic: Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism: SUFCT02-2018-2019-2020. As end-users LLEA will participate in defining the standard graphical notation, the system requisites and the testing scenario.
Rif. RDES20190627001

An industrial steel construction & manufacturing company from Greece is seeking suppliers of structural mild steel
A Greek company specialized in industrial steel construction & manufacturing is looking for producers of structural mild steel so to expand its suppliers network. The structural mild steel should be in different quality types both as hollow section or as plate. The company is looking to cooperate in terms of supplier agreement.
Rif. N. BRGR20190611001








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