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Hai una tecnologia da proporre? Stai cercando un partner per ideare un nuovo articolo? Cerchi un distributore estero per il tuo prodotto di punta? Consulta ogni settimana questa pagina!

Spanish company is looking for an allergen-free food manufacturing agreement
The Spanish company is looking for new partners which would supply healthy and natural quality products such as alergen free snacks, bars, sticks, waffles, pasta without gluten, lactose, added sugar & preservatives to cooperate within a manufacturing agreement.
Rif. N.  BRES20190513001

UK university looking for research cooperation partners for H2020 proposal on Low carbon industrial production
A London based university is preparing an H2020 project proposal. The main project goal is to develop, test and optimise an innovative and cost effective solution able to enhance the capture and utilisation of carbon dioxide (CO2). The university will be the technical coordinator of the project and is looking for partners under a research cooperation agreement that can take care of the administrative coordination of the project, end users for testing, and a partner for CO2 storage.
Rif. RDUK20190531001

French company is looking for sustainable flexible waterproof materials for outdoor sport equipment        
A large French company specialized in outdoor sport equipement is looking for sustainable flexible waterproof materials witch can be used his field, to reduce environmental impact of his product.The product must have a laboratory proof of concept, and could be recently marketed. The company is looking for a license agreement or a technical cooperation.
Rif. TRFR20180420001

H2020-IoT4Industry: Looking for an agrofood SME for a cascade funding on IoT from France, Italy, Germany, Belgium or UK
A Spanish company has developed an open source solution for integrating heterogeneous data sources and build high added-value applications, performing streaming analytics at the edge or in the cloud, with (near) real-time insights. The company looks for an agrofood SME (from France, Italy, Germany, Belgium or UK) interested in developing a prototype with the platform by defining a use cause and performing proofs of concept to test different features (under IoT4 Industry H2020 call).
Rif. RDES20190516001

Spanish city council is looking for smart mobility solutions under research, technical or commercial agreement
A Spanish city council aims to move forward on sustainable and smart mobility solutions. Consequently, this city council is seeking for urban, sustainable and smart (eco) mobility initiatives, agreements or partnership, whereas innovation leads the way and simultaneously meets social challenges. It offers an open innovation ecosystem, creates a living lab, which are used to add value to the innovation process. Research, technical cooperation or commercial agreement are sought. 
Rif. TRES20180926001

Romanian importer and distributor of fresh fruits seeks to be distributor
A Romanian company specialized in bulk sale and distribution of fresh and processed fruits (juice and puree) on the Romanian market wishes to explore new opportunities to import from quality fruit producers in Europe, in order to enlarge its products portfolio under a distribution services agreement.
Rif. N. BRRO20190226002

H2020-JTI-ECSEL-2019: Partners with expertise on hardware and mechanical design of robotic components are sought for a project on educational robotics
A Spanish company working on educational robotics wants to submit a project proposal to the call ECSEL-2019-2-RIA. The project will develop a Mixed Reality (MR) learning system unit comprised of a MR gaming application and a modular reconfigurable educational robot. Companies, universities and research centres with expertise on hardware design and mechanical design of robotic carcasses and components are sought.
Rif. RDES20190409001

A Belgian company specialised in medical devices looks for partner to develop a personal defibrillator
The Belgian SME is active since 20 years in the field of equipment for security at work and medical devices distribution, in particular by distributing automated external defibrillators (AED) for years. In association with an experimented anesthesiologist-emergency physician, the company has developed a concept of personal portable device. It is now looking for partner under  research cooperation  agreement, to develop the prototype and potentially get the product ready for commercialisation.
Rif. TRBE20190114001

UK supplier to healthcare providers seeks innovative infection prevention solutions for distribution
An established and highly respected UK South West company specialised in the distribution of infection prevention, sterilisation and decontamination solutions to the NHS (National Health Service) and private healthcare providers, seeks unique and novel solutions under distribution services agreements. Particular areas of interest are:  Endoscope Reprocessing,  CSSD Equipment (central sterile supply department),  Hospital Wide Decontamination and infection, Prevention,  Decontamination equipment for out in the community.
Rif. N. BRUK20190523003

H2020 MSCA German Researcher looking for SME/large company/public organisation for joint proposal (any sector)
A scientist (experienced Researcher/PhD in mathematics) currently employed at a German university is looking for a small or large company or other non-academic partner in EU/AS Member States for a proposal in the Horizon2020 MSCA IF Society and Enterprise Panel. Her specialisation are complex networks and network analysis which can be applied in many fields like in neurobiology, social networks, logistics, energy, big data for their pattern recognition and spatiotemporal data analysis.
Rif. RDDE20190510001

Solution for exchange of process status information in the casting industry sought
An Austrian company from the casting industry is searching for an enhanced communication solution suitable for use in extreme industrial conditions. The proposed technology should be able to exchange process status information along the production line in real time. Envisaged partnership agreements are technical cooperation and commercial cooperation with technical assistance. 
Rif. TRAT20190502001

Croatian company active in the area of distribution and trade in metallurgy sector offers a distribution services agreement and trade intermediary services
Guided with years of experience in the wholesale, acquired in reputable metallurgy trading companies, the client decided to start his own business. The company was founded in 2014. and is operating within metallurgy sector.
The company has two departments:
1. manufacturing of different metal parts, and
2. wholesale of different metal products.
The company's main products are:
- products made of wrought iron (such as pipes - square, rectangular, handrails and arches),
- stainless steel, aluminium, zinc including ferrous metallurgy (sheets, pipes, profiles), and
- other metal products (locks, cylinders, handles etc.).
Rif. N. BRHR20190426001


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