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MANUNET 2018 – Looking for an industrial partner for proving a new localisation technology for automated guided vehicles 

A Spanish company aims to test and validate a new localisation technology for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) already developed in an early stage. The aim of the MANUENET project is to prove the application in an industrial environment. An industrial partner capable of providing access to facilities in order to make the validations in a real manufacturing plant is sought.

Rif. RDES20180228001

Device for monitoring person’s movement and 3D position 

A Slovenian research institute, active in the development of human activity recognition such as sport activity is looking for a wearable device to monitor movement and 3D position of the person with accuracy of the measured position around 20 cm, preferably less, and the position should be acquired at least 10 times per second. The researchers are looking for a technical cooperation agreement.

Rif. TRSI20160712001

A Polish company seeks suppliers of special medical materials and offers distribution services agreement

A Polish manufacturer and distributor of innovative medical materials intends to enlarge its portfolio and looks for foreign suppliers of such products as  silicone surgical loops and cranial fixation systems. Partners from the group of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are preferred. Cooperation based on the distribution services agreement is considered.

Rif. BRPL20180221001


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