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Spanish wood pellet dealer seeks new suppliers of wood pellets
A Spanish wood pellet dealer seeks to reach distribution agreements with EnPlus pellet manufacturers from anywhere in the world and preferably from Europe to supply their customers, worldwide. The company is selling different product lines in different countries all around Europe including for boilers and for pet litter.
Rif. N. BRES20180801001

MG-2-7-2019: Safety in an evolving road mobility environment. Seeking for companies in robotics, research centers or universities that have experience with human body models and automated vehicles
A Greek SME is preparing a proposal to the call MG-2-7-2019. The project aims at creating simulation models on traffic and collission scenarios, design advance human-machine interfaces for automated vechiles and evaluate them at a controlled environment. The coordinator is looking for companies from Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden and Norway related to robotics as well as research centers or universities that have experience with human body models and automated vehicles.
Rif. RDGR20180903001

Therapeutically relevant proteins with no known ligands or poor ligands
An East of England company has developed a tool to predict ligandable binding sites on protein targets with high accuracy and confidence. They seek industry or academia owning targets of high therapeutic relevance, for which there are no known, or good, ligands available. Type of cooperation: research or technical co-operation agreement.
Rif. TRUK20170323001

German software developing company needs cooperation partners for outsourcing or services agreement
A German SME, which is active in developing mobile industrial software applications, in digitalisation solutions and in optimising workflows, is looking for cooperation partners based on an outsourcing or a services agreement. Currently, the company acts mainly on the German and European market and intends to expand its foreign business.
Rif. N. BRDE20180823001

H2020 Fast track to Innovation: Looking for commercial builders, architects or project management companies involved in new housing/commercial building projects to test new design ultra slim infra-red (IR) panel heaters.
A UK (lead partner) and Dutch company are looking for an industrial partner to join them in Fast Track to Innovation project which is aimed at developing and testing highly energy efficient ultra slim infra-red (IR) panel heaters for domestic and/or commercial applications. The consortium seeks a partner with expertise in construction sector either as a builder or stakeholder such as architects or project developers via research cooperation agreement.
Rif: RDUK20180724001

A Scottish (UK) Biomaterials SME seeks European partners for product validation and future collaborations
A UK biomaterials SME has developed novel peptide hydrogels that can be modified to mimic different tissues and provide a cost-effective, animal free 3D matrix to support a range of cell culture applications.  The company is looking for partners in the fields of 3D cell culture, assay development, cosmetic/ pharmaceutical testing, and bioprinting to build up new application case studies/ assessments under Research or Technical cooperation agreements, potentially to further collaboration.

Lithuanian company is looking for an automated loading/unloading robotic solution
A Lithuanian furniture manufacturing company is looking for a robotic solution to make part of their processes more effective. The company is looking for a conveyor line solution that would enable loading and unloading lorries with goods more efficiently and without a need to use a forklift. In the best case scenario they would like to sign a commercial agreement with a technical support from a technology supplier.
Rif. N. TRLT20180705001

H2020 CE-SFS-39-2019: Searching partners for different profiles on treatment technologies to convert digestate into a suitable fertilizer or soil amender
A Spanish research centre experienced in industrial environment is preparing a proposal for the topic “CE-SFS-39-2019: High-quality organic fertilizers from biogas digestate”. The project aims to develop and validate a new process to convert digestate from biogas plants into different fertilizers, easing their integration in the market. They search agro-food actors and farmers, a technology provider, a research centre, end users and public administrations to participate with them in the project.
Rif. N. RDES20180803002

A German company, specialised in sales and engineering in the automotive sector, is acting as a sales agency. They are looking for manufacturers and suppliers (principals) to the automotive industry under a commercial agency agreement.
A German established sales agency represents suppliers to the automotive OEM, 1st and 2nd tiers. They request manufacturers of seat structures, stampings, synthetic greases or rubber, large plastic parts and other products interested in a commercial agency agreement.
Rif. N. BRDE20180828001

Manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders, hose assembling and tube bending companies sought by a German supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
The German family-run company is a supplier of a full-range of high quality hydraulic and pneumatic systems and services, including hose technology, tube and pipe-bending, machine unit construction and module assembly. It is offering manufacturing agreements to suppliers specialising in hydraulic cylinders, hose assembling and tube bending. It is also offering acquisition agreements to companies specialising in hydraulic cylinders, hose assembling and tube bending.
Rif. N. BRDE20180808002

Spanish university seeks partners for Horizon 2020 proposal in the areas of Border and External Security (BES) of the WP Secure societies
A Spanish based Horizon 2020 consortium seeks to improve the current data collection and processing mechanisms at the EU border controls with the objective of establishing a tool that will allow centralizing all information collected when migrants enter the EU territory and use it jointly by all Member States. The consortium is looking for an entity with technological expertise in designing IT tools for the management of migration movements.Tòpic SU-DRS01-2019 from WP Secure Societies.
Rif.  RDES20180613001

An Israeli company offers to analyze the genome data in order to find new medications and new uses for existing medicine looking for a Joint-Venture/Technological cooperation agreement
An Israeli company is seeking partners for joint-venture/technological cooperation agreements, who can provide large numbers of people/subjects on which research has been done containing genomes.Subjects who had specific ailments/diseases are also of interest in order to analyze data through the developed program with the aim of rapidly discovering if-and-only-if rules that exist between the protein-coding gene and the disease.These rules can then point at possible medications.
Rif. TRIL20180808001

A Belgian company offering distribution and representation activities for materials, coatings and equipment to improve industrial production in fine chemistry and pharma
The Belgian company is specialized in the commercialisation of high performance material, coatings and equipment to improve processes for the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries. The company is offering distribution or commercial representation of mature products and equipment applied to the chemical industries.
Rif. N. BRBE20180615001

Norwegian medical technology start-up company is seeking an SME developing wearable electronics embedded in textiles for EUROSTARS project
Norwegian Medtech startup developing innovative prosthesis hands based on microhydraulics and 3D printed parts is looking for SME providing wearable electronics and sensors that are embedded in textiles to participate in an EUROSTARS project. User experience and hand performance will be improved by adding sensors like pressure, position and orientation to the fingers and palm. The objective of the project is to develop a durable and inexpensive sensorarray add-on to the prosthesis hand.
Rif. RDNO20180711001

Small molecule hit and lead compounds for most indications
An international chemistry contract research organisation has built an extensive skillset in synthetic and medicinal chemistry.
They are looking for new hit and lead compounds that they could advance into a robust clinical candidate, with desired properties agreed upon in advance. They would share in the eventual commercial return but not the IP. There is little limit in terms of indication areas. Drug discovery businesses & research groups are sought for joint ventures or technical cooperation.
Rif. TRUK20170714003

Spanish agent specialised in forest products representing international sawmill products and panel producers is looking for new suppliers for commercial agency agreements and distribution services
Spanish commercial agent specialised in forest products is looking for new company suppliers such as sawmills or lumbers or producers/distributors of wood and panels for commercial agency agreements and distribution services in Spain. The company demands wood products to increase their suppliers' portfolio coming from Europe, Asia and South America such as: redwood, spruce, radiata pine, siberial larch, birch and beech.
Rif. N. BRES20180614001

A Korean research institute is looking for partner for research and development of vehicular communication security technology including message encryption and authentication for autonomous driving
A Korean public research institute is researching on IT security technology, especially about communication security for vehicles. This institute is currently involved in international cooperation research with automotive research centre in UK and IT SME in Korea and has developed a prototype that has standard compatibility with North America and Europe. As a follow-up project, the consortium would like to develop measurement equipment for vehicle communication system under EUREKA or Eurostars2
Rif. RDKR20180604001

A Korean automobile component manufacturer is looking for compression in-molding technology which enables molding of metal-insert panel and composite material simultaneously to produce ultra light-weight automobile components
A major tier-1 automobile component manufacturer in Korea has a R&D center equipped with state-of-the-art testing machines and computers.To prepare for the changing automobile market, the company is aiming to develop light-weight and strong automobile components for electric vehicles. Thus, they are looking for partners in composite material, component molding or component manufacturing to develop compression in-molding technology under research cooperation and technical cooperation agreement.
Rif. TRKR20180710001

Swedish company looking for OEM product suppliers to transport/service vehicles
A Swedish SME developing and marketing car accessories/interior design for vans is looking for OEM product suppliers. The company is looking for manufacturers of canopies, roller lids and tonneau covers, roller bars and front bars and other accessories in Europe. 
Rif. N. BRSE20180528001

EUROSTARS Project coordinator looking for partner on the bakery or flour industry
A Spanish SME working on biotechnology of cereal seeds offering solutions to particular groups, such us celiac patients, is coordinating a proposal under Eurostars programme that aims to develop healthy breads based on the selection of the cereal seeds and fermentation process. The company is looking for a partner from the bakery or flour industry in order to perform food safety and quality tests of the products obtained.
Rif. RDES20180626001

French company is looking for sustainable flexible waterproof materials for outdoor sport equipment
A large French company specialized in outdoor sport equipement is looking for sustainable flexible waterproof materials witch can be used his field, to reduce environmental impact of his product.The product must have a laboratory proof of concept, and could be recently marketed. The company is looking for a license agreement or a technical cooperation.
Rif. TRFR20180420001



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