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Cantine Crola is a distinguished winery nestled in the lush landscapes of Piedmont, Italy. Established in 2006 by Enrico Crola, the vineyard embodies the genuine spirit of artisanal winemaking. Cantine Crola is committed to showcasing the true potential of Nebbiolo grapes, a gem of their home region, Alto Piemonte.

In 2014, they further expanded their vineyard and built a new, eco-friendly winery, epitomizing a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Cantine Crola takes pride in its sustainable practices, featuring largely wooden construction and natural cellar insulation. Their ambitions extend beyond creating quality wines, aiming also to make a significant impact in the local wine tourism industry.

When you uncork a bottle of Cantine Crola's wine, you are not just enjoying a drink, but also experiencing a part of Piedmont's rich wine heritage filled with tradition, passion, and unwavering commitment to quality. In essence, Cantine Crola offers more than just wine, it's a journey from the verdant Piedmont vineyards to your table.


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The perfect match

"Giulia" Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo D.O.C.: Its exquisite depth and complexity is a joy to experience alongside a well-prepared, savory lamb chop or a wholesome mushroom risotto, enhancing these deeply comforting foods and creating a delightfully satisfying meal.

Colline Novaresi Rosato D.O.C.: Filled with the spirit of summer, this Rosato perfectly flatters the natural goodness of a delicately grilled salmon or a beautifully fresh caprese salad, offering a light and joyous celebration of warm-weather fare.

Vespolina Colline Novaresi D.O.C.: An effervescent partner to a hearty chorizo pizza or a spirited arrabbiata pasta, the Vespolina embraces the inherent warmth of these dishes, creating a harmonious symphony of vibrant flavors.

"Hallè Rosé" VINTAGE: This sparkling wine is a bubbly toast to life's little moments, pairing splendidly with momentous starters like a crisply toasted bruschetta or finely crafted pieces of sushi, filling each festivity with added sparkle.

"Hallè Rosé" MILLESIMATO: Maturing gracefully, this wine is an elegant addition to refined dishes such as perfectly seared scallops or indulgent lobster bisque, giving each encounter an unforgettable, opulent touch.

"Zephiro" Late Harvest Red Wine: A sweet finale to your dining journey, ZEPHIRO enhances the flavors of rich dark chocolate or a combination of gorgonzola and fresh figs to perfection, creating enchanting sensations perfect for ending every meal on a high note.


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Cantine Crola
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