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Big Booster Initiative

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La Camera di commercio di Torino è lieta di presentare BigBooster Initiative, un programma per la crescita internazionale di start-up e PMI.

Considerato il fatto che il programma ha carattere internazionale e che si svolgerà interamente in inglese, la descrizione completa del progetto è fornita nella lingua di lavoro prescelta.

The program

BigBooster is a non-profit program that helps worldwide entrepreneurs to accelerate their international strategy through relevant connections with local eco-systems and to better address their market(s) providing an accurate knowledge of rules / culture.

By now, the European territories concerned are:

  • Lyon (France, coordinator of the initiative)
  • Torino (Italy)
  • Manchester (United Kingdom)
  • Lodz (Poland)

The BigBooster community is an international network of start-ups / SMEs, speakers, mentors, experts and partners.

BigBooster gathers the most innovative companies and people (private / public) in selected impact areas around one common objective: supporting the scale up of start-ups / SMEs and their extension.

Selected impact areas are:

  • Health Impact
  • Environmental & energy impact
  • Productive & industrial impact
  • Social & societal impact

The program is divided into 3 sequences:

  1. Virtual bootcamp (27th November - 3rd December 2020)
    1. Mentoring sessions
    2. Expert sessions
    3. International experience
    4. Speed-dating
    5. Crash test & jury (the "jury" will listen to all candidates and select up to 16 start-ups / SMEs that will be allowed to follow the growth sequence & the international growth sequence)
  2. Growth sequence (January - February 2021)
    1. BigBooster gives start-ups / SMEs a direct access to key accounts and key partners of Lyon’s territory, including public actors
    2. Example of workshops: public procurement, relations between worldwide companies and start-ups / SMEs
  3. International Growth sequence (March - April 2021)
    1. Booster Camp in Boston (or virtual)
    2. Then (or in parallel) and in relation with Lyon’s metropole, workshops dedicated to its foreign partners: Manchester, Barcelone, Milano, Torino, Leipzig
    3. Specific following by experts in international domains (French foreign trade advisors network, Business France)
    4. Access to mentors and experts provided by Torino, for people interested in the Italian market
    5. When possible, and if piloted by Lyon’s metropole together with its partnering city, learning expedition can be planned on the foreign territory targeted (February - May 2021)
    6. The International Growth sequence is not guaranteed. It will be delivered only if sanitary conditions permit it and if enough companies are interested in the same country

More info about the impact areas and eligibility criteria:

  • Health Impact
    #LifeSciences #Medtech #Pharmaceuticals #Healthtech #E-health #Foodtech
  • Environmental & energy impact
    #Sustainability #Mobility #Energy #Resilience #Greentech #Environment #Cleantech #Agritech #GreenhouseGasesReduction
  • Productive & industrial impact
    #Cybersecurity #Plateforms #Material&processes #BigData #AI #IoT #3D printing #Collaborative tool
  • Social & societal impact
    #HRtech #SharingEconomy #Security #CircularEconomy #ImmersiveLearning #EdTech #CivicTech

More info on eligibility criteria are available here:

Role of the City of Torino

The City of Torino has just become partner of the BigBooster Initiative and will help pre-qualify start-up / SMEs participating to its innovation programmes Torino City Lab and Torino Social Impact.

The programme will be designed so to also attract businesses into the local market and to offer then adequate information on the local context.

The City of Torino also committed to involve mentors from relevant local organization, so to showcase the local excellences to support innovative entreuprenership.

The Torino Chamber of Commerce has been already involved to this scope, so to help interested companies to know local market.

How to participate

For any further info please refer to:

  • Start-up / SMEs
    • Special procedure / pre-qualification for TORINO’S LABELLED start-ups / SMEs: fill in the "BigBooster Off-line Application Form" in attach with your info
    • Prepare a 2 minutes video pitch and publish it on a video sharing platform before applying (Youtube, Vimeo)
    • Send out the Application Form and video link to, by 20th October at 12:00




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