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Nature and mission of the Torino Chamber of Commerce.

The Headquarters

The Torino Chamber of Commerce headquarters is Palazzo Birago di Borgaro, one of the most refined and well-known examples of the Piedmontese Baroque architecture, designed by the renowned artist Filippo Juvarra.

The public offices are hosted by another architectural masterpiece: Palazzo Affari, designed by the architects Carlo Mollino, Alberto Galardi, Carlo Graffi, and the engineer Antonio Miglilasso, after a competition in the 1960s.


The Torino Chamber of Commerce is a public institution with autonomy of statute, regulation, management and accountability, and relies on a flexible structure, benting on innovation and efficiency based.

The Chamber of Commerce is almost entirely self-funded. Its income derives largely from the annual Membership fee paid by all companies in the Province that are listed in the Register of Enterprises. This income is primarily employed to support members' business activities.

Thanks to its 315 employees, the Torino Chamber of Commerce plays a key role in the promotion and the development of the local economy.

There are almost 6 million businesses in Italy, 400,000 of these are based in Piedmont and over 227,000 in the Torino Province. Then, the Chamber's most important administrative activity is keeping the Register of Enterprises, which is one of the organisation’s strong points, an archive full of data which can be consulted anywhere in Italy, thanks to the computer network of the Chambers of Commerce (from the type of activity they perform to their balance sheets).


The mission of the Chamber is to foster the growth of local economy and enhance it through effective and targeted initiatives, thus playing the role of spokesman with competent authorities for more than 227,000 companies working in the Province and registered with the Torino Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce has support and promotion functions for the general interests of the companies under its territorial jurisdiction.

The promotional activities are focused on the local economic development: services for the production system, for the market, sharing of infrastructure companies, grants, etc.

The promotional activities’ target is to promote and stimulate the local entrepreneurial system through:

  • training
  • access to financing
  • access to technological innovation
  • information and consultancy for companies involved in foreign trade
  • helpdesks

Company Tree

The Torino Chamber of Commerce relies on two special companies set up to provide advanced, specialist services to companies within the Chamber’s remit:

Torino Chamber of Commerce Chemical Laboratory

State-of-the-art equipment in the Torino Chamber's Chemical Laboratory carries out detailed analysis and investigations in the agricultural, food, industrial and environmental fields. Read more

Torino Incontra Congress Centre

The Torino Incontra Congress Centre is a prestigious and modern structure, right in the centre of town. The organisation was one of the founders of the Foreign Trade Office Piedmontese Chambers of Commerce, which assists Small and Medium Enterprises in Piemonte and Aosta Valley to develop international economic relationships. Read more


Over the years, the Torino Chamber of Commerce has been chosen by several networks as a privileged partner, such as:

APRE Piemonte

The APRE Piemonte helpdesk is a member of the European Research Promotion Agency, dealing with Italian and European funding for technological development. Contacts: +39 011 571 6321 / 6322, innovazione.tecnologica@to.camcom.it.

Enterprise Europe Network

The ALPS consortium, part of the Enterprise Europe Network, provides information on EU legislation and on funding opportunities and encourages transnational technological and commercial cooperation. Contacts: +39 011 571 6321 / 6342, alps-europa@to.camcom.it.

European Network for Dispute Resolution

The Torino Chamber of commerce hosts the Arbitration Chamber, member of the European Network for Dispute Resolution (ENDR). Contacts: +39 011 566 9205, cam.arbitrale@pie.camcom.it.

Patent Library

The Torino Chamber of Commerce's Documentation Centre is part of the European document network PATLIB. Contacts: +39 011 571 6932 / 6934, brevetti.marchi@to.camcom.it.

Private Sector Liaison Officers

The Torino Chamber of Commerce is part of the World Bank's Private Sector Liaison Officers Network. Contacts: +39 011 571 6366, soi@to.camcom.it.


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